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Over the last decade, through continuous hardworking and progressing, Huayi Brothers Media Group has developed into the pioneer in various entertainment industries including movie, television, record and advertising. After the elaborate planning and preparation , here in fashion city Shanghai, we are excited to introduce our new member -- Huayi Brothers Fashion Group!

The Huayi Brothers Fashion Group (hereinafter as Huayi Fashion) is the new subsidiary of Huayi Brothers Media Group (hereinafter as Huayi Bros.), which is founded to open up a new field for the group. Huayi Fashion will integrate and restructure the resource of celebrity/artist and fashion market , aiming to become one of the top fashion companies in China.

"Huayi Bros. is always concerned about the development of Chinese fashion industry and we keep ourselves updated with the lastest international fashion trend. " says President of Huayi Bros, Mr. Wang Zhonglei, " In the past few years, our artists have become the regular guests of various fashion galas and parties, we also successfully hosted the 'Huayi Movie Night' , which is a grand cultural and fashion gathering. In every field, our artists impress the public with their modern, trendy and healthy images. I believe it is quite natural and necessary for us to extend our business into the fashion industry. " Mr. Wang adds, " I also believe that Huayi Fashion will redefine fashion in China and build up the fashion reign of our own!"

As one of the most important fashion practitioners in China, Huayi Fashion will take advantage of its profound celebrity resource to combine entertainment with fashion MORE tightly and expand the influence of fashion MORE widely. Meanwhile, different kinds of collaborations with TOP50 international supermodels will bring Chinese fashion audience an experience of higher level, international views and fabulous impression. Along with the supermodels, our dynamic and experienced PR&Event team will also present consecutive fascinating events such as "the 2011 Huayi Night Out" and other commercial activities. In future, MORE and MORE exciting parties will be labelled with "Made by Huayi".

MOREover, Huayi Fashion will be in cooperation with international top designers to promote a new fashion platform. Last but not least, a TV reality show, which is co-produced with top Chinese fashion media, focusing on celebrities' off-duty life and personal lifestyle is on schedule. With all the fantasitic projects, Huayi is telling the world, "Fashion, we're coming!"

There's no doubt that Huayi Fashion will endow the Huayi Brothers Group a touch of fashion. Through Huayi Fashion, MORE international fashion concepts will be brought into China while MORE Chinese fashion power will be taken out to the whole world.


Model Agent

  1. Good skill of MS OFFICE
  2. Fluent in both written and spoken English
  3. Can take charge of business proposal and market analysis for models
  4. Knowledge of law, can write related contracts independently
  5. Mannered, trustful, no bad habits and misconducted behavior

Account Manager

  1. Bachalor degree(full-time college) in Advertising, News&Press, Marketing,Enterprise Management or relative majors
  2. Over four years experience in Marketing, advertising, PR or relative business.
  3. Excellent experience of project planning and management.
  4. Good skill of communicating and business developing
  5. Highly spiritualin team work and highly responsible.

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